Wendy Anna Beumel — XR & Unity Developer based in Seattle, WA



Electrifly is a mobile app for both Android and iOS that brings collectible merchandise to life through AR.

When I started working for 302 Interactive, the Electrifly app already existed. However, it was created very hastily, and the project structure and code base reflected that. My first job at 302 was to refactor and reorganize the project so that it would be easier to update in the future. In doing so, I gained experience in app development for both Android and iOS (something I had never done before).

At that point, all of the 3D content in the app was all being included in the build file. More new content kept being added, and eventually the build became too big to put on the Google Play Store. So, my next major task was to set up a system that downloads all the 3D content from the cloud after the app is installed and is run for the first time. It would also have to check for updates and new content each time the app is run after that. Before then I hadn't used AssetBundles in Unity, or downloaded anything from the cloud in Unity…but I managed to put something together in about a week. The builds went from 110MB to about 50MB.

Now I am working on improving that system even further, with the next step being allowing the user to download content individually (rather than forcing them to download everything in the background on first launch).

For302 Interactive, May 2018 – Aug 2019 EngineUnity