Wendy Anna Beumel — XR & Unity Developer based in Seattle, WA

Buffet Blast is a 1 to 4 player arcade game created in 12 weeks by a team of 9 people. In addition to doing part of the gameplay programming, I designed and scripted the AI for the CPU players.

My goal was to help groups of 1 to 3 players have the full four player experience.

Buffet Blast was designed to be a multiplayer game, but since it was a school project, it required a single player mode as well. Early into development, we noticed that the game becomes significantly more fun with every new player added. So, I set out to simulate that four player feeling as best I could.

I scripted the AI in C#, utilizing ScriptableObjects and
A* Pathfinding.

If I were to work on AI for another project in the future, I would try a different pathfinding method. The A* Pathfinding didn't perform as expected, and I found it difficult to troubleshoot. (Keep in mind, this was my first major foray into AI programming.)

ForGame Design Workshop, Summer 2017 RoleAI and Gameplay Programmer
Players1-4 (Local Only) EngineUnity